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Obsidian Spaced Repetition

Fight the forgetting curve & note aging by reviewing flashcards & notes using spaced repetition on

  • Check the documentation here.
  • Check the roadmap for upcoming features & fixes.
  • Raise an issue here if you have a feature request or a bug-report.
  • Visit the discussions section for Q&A help, feedback, and general discussion.
  • The plugin has been translated into Arabic / العربية, Chinese (Simplified) / 简体中文, Chinese (Traditional) / 繁體中文, Czech / čeština, German / Deutsch, Italian / Italiano, Korean / 한국어, Japanese / 日本語, Polish / Polski, Portuguese (Brazil) / Português do Brasil, Spanish / Español, and Russian / русский by the Obsidian community 😄.

Quick Demo


You can easily install the plugin from Obsidian's community plugin section in the Obsidian app (Search for Spaced Repetition).

Manual Installation

Create an obsidian-spaced-repetition folder under .obsidian/plugins in your vault. Add the main.js, manifest.json, and the styles.css files from the latest release to the folder.


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On Spaced Repetition

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